– The New Diet that Even Beats Kimkins Fast Weight Loss. The MM&M Diet!

I decided if Kimmer can devise a weight loss plan based on starvation, well why couldn’t I come up with a new WOE that would incorporate some of her ideas. That is how I came up with MM&M. This stands for Martini, Meat and Meth!

That’s right Girls- this WOE is a valid option! I have a host of celebs who have done the diet but due to medical confidentiality I can’t verify names, but there are several who are recovering from….I mean enjoying this new WOE.
I can’t take all the credit, because I have taken part of the plan M&M, from a diet guru MissM on LCF, but then tweaked it with the Meth. You may find you are tweaking too with the Meth but that is a common side-effect don’t let it bother you, just look at it as more calories burned!
I started doing the Meat and Martini diet and then incorporated the Meth into my work-out program to help me get “ripped” in Bootcamp. I have never had so much energy and everyone tells me “How much I have changed!” They try to get me to be still or to even eat, but they are just jealous of all my weight loss. I have met new friends while during this new WOE and they always call to offer me more meth and support.

Everyone that is doing MM&M don’t let the naysayers get us down…Hey we don’t even let our loved ones detract from our goal of becoming skinny!  Sure, I have had some side-effects but no more than you would on any other diet and those other diets leave you losing maybe a pound a week. Hmmmm…skinny now or a year from now….like all those other gurus try to support. Thank you but I will stick with my MM&M plan and lose a pound to two pounds a day.

You will find when you are into the deep ketosis the dominoes really start to fall a few teeth will too! But the trade off of one’s health is little compared with the reward of being skinny.
When eat (oops Freudian slip)…When it comes down to it you don’t need teeth for 50% of this diet (i.e. martinis) and the meat can be ground up…I mean have you never heard of ground beef…hmmmm…come on this WOE is not rocket science…although, there is some basic bench science needed along with a bunsen burner that will be used to prepare the meth, but it is a straight forward easy plan and that is why I came up with MM&M.

To prove how happy and well adjusted I am while on this program please see my current pic….I am still a work in progress and don’t see me stopping MM&M anytime soon, but you can see what this WOE can do for you!

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Yes, there is a little unwanted chin hair but I usually pull that out when I am really anxious and scratching around to occupy myself, so that hair will be gone after my meth workout later tonight at 3 am…besides that I am skinny! So duh, who cares….this WOE is working!

Now of course this is all an attempt at humor in order to drive home the message that skinny by any means is not a sane way to think. The Kimkins diet formulated by Kimmer has many of its users saying, “We don’t care about who Kimmer is or the risks of this diet, we are losing weight.” Of course you are losing weight, starvation tends to have that effect on people.
Losing weight or the number on the weight scale should not be your goal but it should be becoming healthy.


4 Responses

  1. love the humor in dealing with the return of kimmer to her scam site kimkins.con
    added the red dress lady to my blog http://2big4mysize.wordpress.com/

  2. I want to marry him!

  3. Good lord, that’s funny stuff. I’m starting tomorrow!!

  4. ::waving:: Congratulations on another week of outstanding detective work. No joke. Keep on buzzin!

    from your fans at
    Team Yucky

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