Not To Step on Any Toes or anything……….

My first post on Amy’s forum – was in the thread where TT had introduced herself on the board under the user name Jeannielynn-

Hi Tippy Toes Does Kimmer know you are here? Or does anyone for that matter?

This is my second and final post that I contributed to the thread discussion there.

That is the point isn’t it – that tippy was not stating who she was and actually called herself a Kimkins refugee in a post here-which I find appalling.
To me that appeared deceptive and I felt the many people here had already been deceived long enough by the entire Kimkins saga.

I wanted to expand on the fact that TT has made no admission about her identity here and also not declared her true intentions at kimkins.
A handful of LCF’s posted a “Hi to Tippy” yesterday here, but it was not done to start trouble
or to destroy any peace y’all have found here. It was done for one reason and that is to notify everyone that TT was here.

I had thought that Tippy was posting here and after reading “JeannieLynn’s post- realized it was indeed her.
This prompted me to post on LCF that
Tippy was posting on another forum, but pretending not to be the former PR person for Kimkins but more a victim of kimkins.
I posted at LCF that information yesterday/Nov 30th at 4:44pm est.
Then at 5:15pm I gave more details about how she was here and I did post two of her posts from here to LCF.
Then at 5:33pm Amy posted her FYI post stating Tippy was here. I think she must have read my posts at LCF and was trying to head off any issues. I did post to Amy that I did not know that she was aware that TT was posting on the board. That I meant no disrespect to her (Amy) or to her forum by not giving her a heads-up prior to me posting my discoveries at LCF or posting the news here..
I honestly was not sure how the information would be received, but I wanted to get it known that TT was here posting on these boards.

I was concerned about what TT’s intentions were here on this forum, because while here she had just posted at Kimkins that s he was taking a computer break due to her DH not being happy about the time she was spending on the computer. Which of course doesn’t appear to be true, given the fact that she was here posting.

I read that some feel that TT left Kimkins because she suddenly got that is was a fraud and wrong for so many reasons, but it appears that she left because she no longer has a paying job. That doesn’t make me feel any more confident in trusting her or her motives.

And even now it was *not* TT who came out and notified the forum. She was outed. To me that is a big difference.
I know some of you appreciate that she was outed and some do not but, I just felt it was time for her deceptions in general be stopped.

TT– My opinion on you being here really doesn’t matter, because this is Amy’s forum:) But there are others who have been here and made it their home and TT you need to understand their side of things too.

Good luck to every one involved.

**I will update tomorrow. i just wanted to get these up . 🙂


5 Responses

  1. HoneyBee, those were great posts you made on Amy’s forum yesterday. And congrats on tracking down Tippy.

    You are a detective, nonpareil!

  2. HB, great post!!

    You did the right thing…

    Love your new layout for your blog…spiffy!!

    Kimkins Scam


  3. […] Not To Step on Any Toes or anything………. « HoneyBee’s Blog […]

  4. you did a great job informing those folk who had been harmed by TT on that she was hiding in their forum. Shame on any one blaming you for the subsequent misbehavior of others armed with that information.


  5. very interesting.
    i’m adding in RSS Reader

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