Cleaning Out The Kimkins Dust Bunnies



Ahhh…For me Spring has arrived when the dogwoods are in bloom and the baby birds are chirping outside, as things start to come alive again. Those things just make it really start to feel like Spring. Well, those things and and a thick covering of pollen on my car.

But along with those joyous signs of Spring, comes the spring cleaning, and that is exactly what Avenue girl has planned for the antiKK bloggers.

Now, you won’t need any Murphy’s oil, Windex, or even a mop, but you will need to take a moment and review the links found in your blogs. The blog dust bunnies come in the form of links going to Kimkins. com. Avenue girl explains how-

“What am I talking about?

Within many of your blogs – the majority being posts created last year – there are still links to They are “back links.” There might be only 1, 2, or 3 on your blog, but the accumulation of them from many blogs has added up and they are all pointing to Kimkins.

Why is this a bad thing?

Back links are a huge factor in the ranking and support of a website. Some links, like the ones from news organizations are not in our control. But the ones in our personal blogs are.

I am asking all bloggers to please take some time to do some spring cleaning and gardening today. Please remove direct links to Kimkins off your blog, and replace the link to something you feel really represents what Kimkins is.

I am not going to name any names here. I know you have all been extremely busy and working hard. I just hate to see us sabotaging ourselves.”……. For More check out Avenue Girl’s Blog

Just think- cleaning these dust bunnies won’t even cause you to strain your back!

Happy Cleaning!


6 Responses

  1. thanks HB for posting this. making harder to find will help kepp any new folk from becoming victims through net searches for diet plans.

    And making the .com go to not her site pushes her buttons too 🙂

  2. Ok so I’m dense and senile etc etc etc but if there are any back links at Yucky’s I need somebody to point them out.

    And then I reserve the right to choose what to do about those links.

    It is, after all, my blog, and though I with all my heart support the antikimkins movement, as I feel that my actions as one of the Nancies has proven by now, I’m unable to agree on some details of what to do and how to do it.

    Call me weird but when I click on a link, I want that link to be a real link, to a real website, so I can view and read the contents for myself.

    I don’t appreciate when I’m trying to do some research about a topic, such as, let’s say, “autonomy”, and I see a link that says “an article about autonomy”, and I click on it and it turns out to be a fake link — and instead of taking me to the article I wanted to read — and the article I thought I was going to be able to read — the fake link takes me to a website featuring, not “an article about autonomy” but rather “an article about being bonhomie.”

    NOTE: no snarkiness intended or implied. Just wish to express honest opinion/thoughts/feelings about this subject of the backlinks.

  3. uh not “BEING bonhomie.” Just simply “bonhomie.”

  4. HB,

    Did you complain about pollen on YOUR car? Isn’t that just icing on the cake for a bee? Or would that be bee crack?

    I don’t know. Something just seems off about that to me! 😛

  5. Hey, girl, where are you?

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