-A Picture is worth a thousand words and if it is a cartoon it can even make you laugh!

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To view the entire cartoon, which is highly recommended, then use the link below! http://calorielab.com/news/2007/10/23/the-kimmer-komic-heidi-diaz-and-the-kimkins-diet-meet-the-press/

Dr. Mark….I thought I was going to write about Mr. Mark, the new staff member over at kimkins, but I find that I am not in the mood to discuss him. Maybe the next time. I am in the mood to talk about the positive things happening and how we can all work towards getting get justice for the fraudulent actions of Kimmer.

Things have begun to slow down on the forums and the blogs have grown quiet, but the creaking noise in the background are the wheels of justice slowly turning. This means don’t forget to join the pending class action lawsuit by following the steps listed on Jeanessa’s website. She found an outstanding California lawyer to represent the plaintiffs in the case and we thank her for that!

Below are links to the different organizations that you can voice your complaint in the hopes that they will pursue making a case against Kimmer/Kimkins. We all can make a difference.

Sign the petition


This petition goes to the Federal Trade Commission, Better Business Bureau, and the California Attorney General.

Contact the Federal Trade Commission


“The FTC enters Internet, telemarketing, identity theft and other fraud-related complaints into Consumer Sentinel®, a secure, online database available to hundreds of civil and criminal law enforcement agencies worldwide.”

Internet Crime Complaint Center


The IC3 is co-sponsored by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the National White Collar Crime Center (NW3C)



IRS tax fraud


To make a report to the IRS that Heidi Diaz may be committing tax fraud-


To do a review at the Better Business Bureau.

If you feel that Kimkins/Kimmer/Heidi Diaz has not been truthful in advertising and is dangerous and file a complaint if the situation applies. A review first though.

Office of the Inspector General


To Report Possible Social Security fraud

Address and Contact Information for Kimkins that is needed for the forms

Kimkins Address-

529 North McKinley Street 104-309

Corona, CA 92879 Phone-(951) 258-3976


-KTLA does Kimkins report #3 and spills the beans on the class action lawsuit-

KTLA did its third installment on the kimkins saga and even discussed the pending class action lawsuit!

View the link here for the video-http://video.ktla.com/global/video/WorldNowASX.asp?playerType=native&os=mac&clipid1=1851883&at1=News&vt1=v&h1=10%2F18+%2D+Ktla+Exposes+%27Kimkins%27+Diet+Scammer&d1=150367&redirUrl=http://www.ktla.com&activePane=info&LaunchPageAdTag=homepage&playerVersion=7

Chip stated that the “KTLA viewers” found the Russian Brides and I find that a disappointment for a couple of reasons:

1) Many LCF members spent countless hours searching the sites and pulling together the information. I may have found only 4 or was it 5 pics….too many pics to recall, but anyway, I still spent many hours searching and keeping the blog updated on LCF. This is not to say I did more than others only an example, because I know many of the peeps there searched daily. So Chip a little let down there, but we will let you slide because you did break the story for others to hear about the Kimkins scam and that will help bring the harm and crimes done by Kimmer/Kimkins to light.

2) I think a really great opportunity was missed because wouldn’t it have been great if Chip would have said, “The breaking news tonight in the Kimkins report is “the BuzzyBee” at LCF found “the Kimmer” in the red dress on the Behappy2day website!” I mean how many times in journalism would one get to say that phrase?!?! 🙂 It is almost like talking in some spy code during WorldWarII.

I want to take a moment to say thank you to all the members at LCF that helped the effort in various ways. WE are still searching for a few more and hope to find “patio chair Kimmer”. I also want to thank LCF and Tom for allowing us to discuss this issue on the boards or we NEVER would have been able to pool all our efforts. They even downloaded the blog software so I could start a blog there to keep everyone up to date and to keep it organized and that is appreciated. THANK YOU!

Tomorrow- Should you call me Dr. HoneyBee?

-Have You Heard the NEWS or Better Yet Seen It??? Kimmer on Cali TV


“NO COMMENT”-Was all Kimmer Would Say!!

Tonight was the night to be a night owl my fellow anti-kimkin enthusiasts. Kimmer/Heidi Diaz got owned! You have to see it for yourself. http://ktla.trb.com/news/local/  

What a wonderful night to be on-line!!! Doing the Happy Dance!!!  The Private investigator who got pictures of Heidi Diaz/Kimmer describes how he accomplished this and give us an inside peek to some details regarding Kimmer. Please visit his blog and website to leave a comment of appreciation.


Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Private Investigator’s Notes: The Surveillance of Southern California Diet Scammer Heidi Diaz of Kimkins

“I have been a private investigator in Riverside County, California for many years and have seen a lot of scams and fraudulent activities throughout those years. This one is quite different in that it has involved thousands of real people so desperate in their search for a “real” diet that works.

During my involvement with this case, I have read so many stories from people that have been hurt by an evil woman with no regard for the feeling or health of real human beings.

Maybe this woman does not feel that she is actually hurting people since she just sits in her apartment all day long typing away at the keyboard.

I began this investigation with a bad address and no other information other than the name of Heidi Kimberly Diaz.

Through investigative techniques, I was able to locate Ms. Diaz’s address. I attempted making contact with her at the front door to positively identify her. No one would come to the door. I looked down and observed a small trash bucket at the front entry door with Kimkins receipts facing up. This was the confirmation I needed that this was indeed the correct address.

During the several days spent on surveillance, I observed Ms. Diaz out of the apartment twice. She was usually seated at a window on her computer. I remember thinking “what a strange woman”, just sitting at the computer all day long creating diet schemes to take money from people who have placed their hopes in her hands to help them lose weight.

I passed by her vehicle one day and noticed a tray of sugar cookies with sprinkles just recently opened and sitting on the passenger seat of her mini van. This from a woman telling other people to eat 500 to 800 calories a day all the while she is taking in much much more than that.

The first day out, Ms. Diaz drove to a local gas station and returned to her residence. She sat inside her vehicle for a half hour while talking on the cell phone. (Probably talking to a customer.) The video was short since Ms. Diaz did not engage in much activity. I was determined to obtain quality photo shots for my client and prepared for continuing surveillance.

Days went by and boredom crept in. I would exit my vehicle to walk through the apartment complex to stretch and get fresh air. While walking passed Ms. Diaz’s apartment unit, I would look up and notice her in the window on the second level of the building. She would look down and smile while seated near at the window, typing away on her computer. I found it strange that a woman would sit at an open window without her wig, being that Heidi is bald.

From time to time, I would notice Brandon, Heidi’s son exit the unit to leave with friends that would not come near the apartment. I figured that either Brandon is not allowed to have friends over or Brandon’s friends would rather not visit inside the apartment unit. Brandon and Heidi were the only two people ever observed entering or departing from the apartment.

The day finally came! Tuesday, August 14, 2007. Heidi finally emerges to depart from the area driving her mini van. The sweet thing that all investigators hope for while on surveillance…movement! I followed Ms. Diaz to a local mail drop where Kimkins customers send their mail. The sweet sweet sound, click click click of the camera as Ms. Diaz exited the vehicle to enter the mail drop. I say sweet sound only because this meant that the final moment had come. The ending of surveillance on a case of such drawn out inactivity. The clicking continued on as Ms. Diaz returned to her vehicle to depart with mail in hand.

She immediately drove to a local Norco bank to, I would assume, deposit fresh checks she had picked up at the mail drop from unknowing victims of deceit and fraud.

After making the deposit, Ms. Diaz drove to a local CVS Pharmacy. I found this a great opportunity to follow Ms. Diaz in with a hidden camera to obtain as much movement as possible just to add the finishing touch to a much anticipated ending.

Ms. Diaz drove home afterward and the sweet sound began again to end the day.

This is the story of how I obtained the video and photos of Heidi Diaz.

I would like to thank Catherine McDonald for her kindness and for the wonderful job she did with our website. I highly recommend Catherine if you are in need of a quality website and great search engine recognition.

Catherine and I have had an ongoing business relationship during the past couple of months and I have never worked with anyone so kind and gracious. She is truly a wonderful person.

Thank you Martin at Slamboard.com for bringing this whole thing together and for the recognition that you provided our business.

I am very impressed with Jeannessa. She has brought together a team of well recognized attorneys and press.

I met with Chip Yost the other day. He is a reporter with KTLA. We interviewed for about an hour. Chip has been really moving on this matter and is leaving no tables unturned. Thank you Chip.

Congratulations to the blogging community for their unwavering determination to bring justice to this matter. What a great bunch of people!”

-SingingLass what are you willing to do?


Earlier today a LCF member brought up the term Authoritarian
Here is part of her quote-

Quote: Originally Posted by tiggerr:

Authoritarian (SNIPPED)

This character type is appealing, charismatic, strong.
The Authoritarian is also considered to be amoral.
Their ‘followers’ are very outspoken about what they are told by their ‘leader’ and resist anything that counters their beliefs.
Their leaders truth is the truth, anything else is lies and conspiracy.
(kk she is the Authoritarian type. Dead on

This reminded me of a series of social psychology experiments called “The Milgram experiment”. These were performed by the Yale University psychologist Stanley Milgram. The study participants had to obey an authority figure who instructed them to perform acts that went against their moral and personal structure.

I am sure others are familiar with a portion of the experiments:
The experimenter (authority figure) orders the subject (1) to give what the subject believes are painful electric shocks to another subject (2), who is actually an actor. The subject(1) believed that for each wrong answer, the subject(2) was receiving actual shocks, but in reality there were no shocks.

Now the subject who was “supposedly” receiving the shocks would play the part by screaming and crying out in pain during the testing but subject (1) would continue to give the shocks based on the direction of the authority figure, who was in this case was a stern biology professor.
Here is a quote from wikipedia regarding the experiment-
“After a number of voltage level increases, the actor started to bang on the wall that separated him from the subject. After several times banging on the wall and complaining about his heart condition, all responses by the subject (2) would cease.

At this point, many people indicated their desire to stop the experiment and check on the subject (2). Some test subjects(1) paused at 135 volts and began to question the purpose of the experiment. Most continued after being assured that they would not be held responsible. A few subjects began to laugh nervously or exhibit other signs of extreme stress once they heard the screams of pain coming from the learner.

If at any time the subject indicated his desire to halt the experiment, he was given a succession of verbal prods by the experimenter, in this order:
-Please continue.
-The experiment requires that you continue.
-It is absolutely essential that you continue.
-You have no other choice, you must go on.”

The Yale senior-year psychology majors were polled prior to the experiment as to the percentage of those participating that would give the full electrical shock. They gave a 1.2% estimate….
Do you know what the actual percentage was of those WILLING to give the maximum voltage? Do know what the maximum voltage was that they thought they were giving?
………..the experiment proved to show 65% would give the full electrical shock of 450 VOLTS!!!

The point being SingingLass that we as humans given a certain environment can act against our own morals and ethics when we are put in a certain situation and instructed by an Authoritarian type figure that it is fine. If you read the description of an Authoritarian it reads just like KIMMER



 Have You Seen the Lady In Red????

 The Infamous Red Dress Kimmer is GONE??

Has anyone taken a stroll over to the Kimkins homepage recently? The Kimmer in her Red Dress is no longer holding its place of prominence in the center of the page.

What happened Kimmer? Why the missing photo? Remember you said the PI pics were of Heidi Diaz who isn’t you, but your business partner…..pfft….Sorry I can’t even type the words without laughing!

What could be going on at the Kimpound? Reads like a cleaning up before company comes.
If company is the FTC!! Good luck with sweeping all those cache files under the rug Kimmer!

You sold me, a Consumer, your Kimkins plan based on your story and image.  So to erase it now does not erase the damage it did it only insults my intelligence and furthers the opinion that you never plan on taking responsibility for your fraud.

Well, not until the FTC makes you. :: she says with glee….yes glee::

For those of you who think to be gleeful of this point is cruel let me point out that Kimmer WILL NOT stop until this happens. So yes glee because I want her to be stopped before someone dies.

All I can say is screen shots and google cache file will never let you hide the “Lady in Red” and unless you can get into that size 4 red dress then the Lady in Red is a Fraud!


kimkins homepage screen shot

The Fascination with Kimmer Continues

The Weekend Recap of the Fascination Thread  

Friday we got all our smilies out but no NEW news came, it appears it was done just as a way to fool Heidi and her gang.

Saturday was filled with those members who were disappointed in the thread.

It seems that some thought we have been fat-bashing, misquoting and much to do about nothing over the loss of hair to our head.

  It appears that the purpose of our posts got deluded in the length of thread
But lest anyone forgets we are trying to stop Kimkins before someone ends up dead.

We all don’t agree but it was discussed and talked about
I think we all made our points without having to shout.

New ex-kimkins appeared to post and some said they felt lost with no where to go
Then stayed around a bit and found that we are friends here not foe.

Sunday was quiet as the bloggers The TRUTH and Ducky laid low
Melt got promoted to Admin….”Oh say it ain’t so”

Then before she could slap a kitten or even kick the dog
Melt was gone…poof….vanished…. into the San Fran Fog.

Kimmer and TT took the weekend off so the banning of members has slowed down.
But now it appears that some previous members have been erased off KK in order never to be found.

New avi’s that are pawns with the word banned started to appear
However the Ducks and Wonder Woman’s arch nemesis the Negative Nancies
are still on task so don’t you fear!

Please don’t forget to sign the petition, sign-up for the lawsuit or do a BBB review
Because remember everyone in order to stop Kimkins we are counting on you!

Sign the petition
Request for Kimkins Investigation Petition
This petition goes to the Federal Trade Commission, Better Business Bureau, and the California Attorney General.


Kimkinslawsuit’s Weblog

IRS tax fraud
To make a report to the IRS that Heidi Diaz may be committing tax fraud-
How Do You Report Suspected Tax Fraud Activity?

To do a review at the Better Business Bureau
Company Report