Is Bobaraba the Next Potential Scam Of Heidi Diaz?


While on the LCF board tonight, member SMP mentioned a new dance craze called Bobaraba, which means “Big Bottom”. Now, you can’t mention a thing like a big bottom dance and not provide a dancing baby, a youtube video, or at least a link.

After twisting her arm, ok asking nicely, for details she pointed me in the direction of a BBC News link- “Ivory Coast’s Big Bottom Craze”

While the dance has been embraced by both sexes, DJ Mix says it was inspired by women.

“We made it as a tribute to women, because African women are defined by the shape of their bottoms,” he says.

“Move your bottom, jump, you see, it’s alive.”

Kady Meite, one of his dancers, says the song is a message for women.

“There are women today with large bottoms who are embarrassed, so it’s to say don’t be ashamed – be comfortable,” she says.

It appears that the Bobaraba would be right down Heidi Diaz’s alley for two reasons. Obviously, the meaning big bottom would fit her true physical appearance. Then couple that with the fact that this new craze is resulting in a black market of injections, sold as medications that can increase you bottom’s size, and voila you have a potential scam, with Heidi Diaz, the Kimmer, stamped all over it!

The women vendors at a local market are now selling syringes filled with liquid and labeled “Bottom Enhancers”. The BBC article goes on to say…

“You need to inject this liquid into your bottom once a day,” says a market trader, showing a vial of coloured liquid labelled “Vitamin B12”.

Each vial costs $2. The label claims it is made in China.

If you do not like the sound of injections, the same amount of money will also get you a small tub of cream.

There is no description of what the product contains or how to apply it; just the words “Big bottoms and big breasts”, and two illustrating pictures.

This new scam is no doubt a tempting venture for Kimmer, because it would be a way to scam women, yet again out of their money, and this time she could use her own pictures. No messy loose ends, like the Russian brides and no photoshopping, like she has had to do recently. In Heidi Diaz’s world it would be a win-win proposition!

Heidi is schedule to be in court tomorrow, to try to tie up those messy loose ends, so I have taken the liberty to show her how easily she could market the Bobaraba concept now!

Check out the marketing images for Heidi’s Bee Bopping Bobaraba

And you can’t mentioned big bottoms without adding some Sir-mix-a-lot, so thanks Nady for mentioning the perfect hook for the marketing concept.


14 Responses

  1. LOL – Don’t give Kimmer any ideas for more scams…. I have a hard time keeping up with the ones she’s already involved in.
    But you’re right – this one would be more appropriate. For her “BIG BOTTOM” that is.
    Here’s to hoping her “Assets” remain frozen, today. I’ve got everything, including my toes crossed on this one.

  2. I hear you MJR on the difficulty of keeping up with “the Kimmer”.
    Let’s hope that the pending class action lawsuit will slow here down some. At least the court hearings have to eat into her free-time and plotting of her new alias.

    Hopefully, good news will come out of today’s hearing. My toes are crossed and even my eyes too. But I have to be honest and say that the crossed eyes are as a result of watching the Bobaraba image of Heidi. LOL

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.
    Now, I am off to learn how to Bobaraba……………

  3. ouch! HB that video pounding of kimmers bottom on my eyes was more painful then reading she made $1.2 million from the WW exposure the first month. please don’t let her find that scam for real


  4. Sorry for making your eyes bleed! LOL

    Can’t you just envision Heidi mixing a big batch of water and glycerin at home in her jacuzzi, to be used in syringes that she could marker as bottom enlargement?

    To stop that rump shaking video from happening we have to keep her ASSets frozen! A pun with words, but no less true.

    Thanks for the comments 2big and your work in stopping Heidi Diaz. 🙂

  5. I sure do hope your crystal ball is broken this time HoneyBee … shots once a day or do WHAT with that tub of cream!

  6. Ugh! Big bottom or not, does Heidi really deserve this ? The big bottom song was cute when chanted by Donkey (aka Eddie Murphy) in Shrek. But such ruminations are better left in the world of fantasy and cartoons. I’d hate for my big bottom to be publicly humiliated like this. Sorry Honeybee2, I’m not laughing any more.

  7. Hey, nothing to be sorry for…if you are not laughing, then we just have different things we find humorous.

    Does she deserve it? As long as she posts fake/manipulated pics of herself on kimkins, then I will post the real ones here.

    At least the rump pic isn’t altered to deceive. LOL

  8. Very nice song 😀

    Using the space: Your blog is great !

    I am a Blogger from Brazil and I entered in your blog using the Tag’s system.

    I also posted a new article about Bobaraba Dance in my Blog, sure in my local language: Portuguese of Brazil.

    The title is: Dança do Popozão vira moda na Costa do Marfim
    The URL from the news is:

    Thanks, Liverig 😀
    P.S.: To translate to english use Google Translation Services or another translater.

  9. […] she … Original post found at Google Blog Search: mover scam and syndicated from Is Bobaraba the Next Potential <b>Scam</b> Of Heidi Diaz?     Read More    Post a […]

  10. Amazing how much time you spend on all crap pertaining to Heidi. Geez. Bet she’s lovin’ all the blogs and “fame” she’s getting from people like you. Really, to take so much time out of your life for this kind of junk…..give me a break!!! Get a REAL life. Turn OFF the computer!!

  11. Hi Liverig! Thank you for stopping by and
    leaving your kind words. I will check out your blog too! 🙂

  12. Hi qr254-
    I don’t know how much true “fame” Heidi is receiving….maybe infamy would be a more appropriate term in this case.

    I have to say your definition of junk is different than mine. Yes, this blog entry was done in humor, because humor is part of life, even in negative situations. But for the most part my blog and time have been spent in a way to aid the pending class action lawsuit, so I don’t feel that is “junk”. Now, the Attorney General is reviewing the case so this “junk” will be going on to the federal courts.

    Now, I am not sure how you spend your time, but if you are aware of the many antikk blogs and seem to know I do spend a good deal of time in bringing Heidi Diaz and Kimkins down, then it would appear you spend a good portion of your time on the computer as well.
    Maybe not in a positive way but time none the less.

    But leave your blog or myspace link and I’ll check it out.
    Thanks for the comment.

    BTW- love the word Geez! It reminds me of a midwestern in an apron serving a nice cold glass of milk.
    Makes me smile everytime! 🙂

  13. It’s a shame that a dance video finally convinced Ivoirien women that flat asses would have never made them into French women. African women are known for being round and brown down below. Ivory Coast is known for their slim, flat ass women, attracting mostly Frenchmen and European tourists. As a visiting black man, I was never attracted to flat butts of Abidjan.
    Go across West Africa, particularly Anglophone countires, and you soon realize that big butts aren’t new. Big utts have always been a part of the culture from Liberia to Ghana, Nigeria, Gambia and Sierra Leone.

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