The Fight Against Kimmer and Kimkins Needs You!

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Many of us have been discussing how do we achieve our final goal of getting to become an error page? How do we get more people to file out the forms, write the letters and get involved.

The pending class action lawsuit is a tremendous step in the right direction but will it get us to that final destination of a 404 Error page when a person tries to log into the kimkins website? If everyone would take a moment and review the steps needed to file a complaint:


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5 Responses

  1. yep there are lots of ways folk can help take actions about the dangerous diet being sold on by Kimmer
    click the IC3 link in the upper right left corner of this site and reprot
    and Kimmer even if you can’t join the lawsuit cause you didn’t buy a membership.

  2. Great poster, HOneyBee, I like it!

    The Rise and Fall of the Kimkins Diet

  3. Hi Ladies thank you for stopping by for a visit and aid in spreading the word on how to take action in bringing to justice.
    Also click on the “Help” page above to get more ways to Help.

  4. Great to see the real work going forward. Onward and upward!

  5. Your welcome Honeybee and thanks for editing the page to make the IC3 link easier to find.
    and from the e IC3 FAQ

    Q: Do you have a definition of Internet crime that I can refer to?
    Internet crime is defined as any illegal activity involving one or more components of the Internet, such as websites, chat rooms, and/or email. Internet crime involves the use of the Internet to communicate false or fraudulent representations to consumers.

    and they also say you only have to be aware of a crimne not the victim who bought a membership on from Kimmer so if you saw anything from Kimmer et al that was false you are aware of an Internet Crime and can file a report.

    PUSH KIMMER’S BUTTONS she pushed yours long enough.

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