-Why Does it Matter So Much Which Comes First on the Thread? The Magic Chicken diet or Kimmer?

Ok, I never really blogged or discussed the Magic Chicken diet on the LCF “fascination thread”, not because I didn’t find the information revealed suspicious or questionable, but because other things were taking up my time. When I was able to discuss the topic the focus had become more on the recent out of left field posts found on Jimmy Moore’s forum, which I did blog about below. However, there has been so “much noise” being made over the MCD, that the “message has gotten lost”. It seems that those who want myself and other LCF members to forget the “innocent” MCD only continue to bring it up and defend it. The message of don’t discuss the MCD have actually been the reason it has been discussed.

This only adds to my curiosity over the MCD. It does not draw me away from it. Those who defend the diet do so without knowing the idea behind the diet and even go as far as labeling it just like Atkins or having better bottom lines than Kimkins Diet. Really? This is based on their own viewing of the diet itself or is it only said to get others to agree that MCD is not to be questioned? Why? Oh, that’s right to protect the innocent. ROFL!
The innocent? Who gets to be included in this definition of innocent. Would it be the potential “innocent” thousands who could shell out money for a product that is dangerous and/or a fraud? That would be who I define as innocent, not the few people- owner and her SIL, that have been brought up as innocents involved. Their motives have been questioned and so have their business practices. That is not harm, but only consumers asking the hard questions. If you start a business you should be prepared to answer to those to whom you are trying to sell this product. If you want to remain nameless then don’t use your name on your website or in your emails.

The other reason given as to why this MCD should not be explored is because of the information regarding the request for a clone of the Kimkins.com site. (Great find by Mariasol) Some say, “why would Kimmer do this when she has access to her own web guys who set up the original site?”
Come on people use your heads, kimmer is using hers! Why would she make a trail that lead back to her or Kimkins.com? If Kimmer has shown us anything it is her ability to set others up to take the fall in their involvement with Kimkins Diet, while she is on the side-lines using them as much as they will allow themselves to be used.

Who had all the stickies up at Kimkins.com? Not Kimmer.
Who was on the front of Woman’s World promoting the diet to the nation? Not Kimmer.
Who was on the boards defending the Kimkins.com site and the bannings taking place when the members were speaking out? Not Kimmer.
Who was on national tv defending Kimkins.com to the nation and defending the site and the diet after it has been shown to be a fraud? Not Kimmer.

But yet Kimmer wouldn’t have those who were partnering up with her to start a new website go and solicit a design that clones hers, because she has tech guys that she works with and that set-up the kimkins site.
Oh, No certainly not Kimmer! -that was sarcasm for those who don’t recognize its use- or at least pretend it is above them, much like all the other actions done by the “redheaded stepchildren” of LCF a.k.a the DUCKS!
You know I am beginning to think it really is above them to do what we do…..Yep, it goes right over their heads!

Now, that my interest has been piqued, I think I will look into this some more once the holidays and the festivities have settled down. So to those who worked on the MCD uncovering of information- Great job! If it truly turns out to be nothing more than a website who needed to be made aware that consumers are watching and that they are copying a fraudulent site, then still a positive outcome. If it shows that the MCD site was not giving sound diet advice and others read this or the other blogs who have reported this, then well at least that was accomplished! If it turns out to be more….well then I will be sure to let you know!

Kimkins Diet
HoneyBee’s Blog
I Am Not Ready To Make Nice with Kimkins


18 Responses

  1. Now that you know the Truth…Join the Lawsuit!!


  2. I don’t understand how they can say that the MCD is better than Kimkins. Didn’t they look at the menus?

  3. HoneyBee, I am SO happy your interest has been piqued by the Magic Chicken Diet.

    I can’t wait to see what you dig up (other than caseloads of Costco canned chicken). Bleecch!

    Why would anyone follow the Magic Chicken Diet, or the deadly Kimkins diet, when they could eat luxuriously on Atkins and lose all the weight they need or want to lose?

  4. vedy vedy interesting…can’t wait for you to inform us minions with our next task….hehehe
    still trying to figure out some of this neat tecky tricks with links…unlike someone we know and love(to annoy) I really don’t know what I’m doing with some of this ‘puter stuff.

  5. Thanks for commenting everyone. I meant to send a memo out to my minions Wacky, but the Holidays got me sidetracked. lol

    Yes, the Magic Chicken Diet compared to the Kimkins Diet to me is 6 eggs in one basket and half a dozen in the other. They both are not sound WOE! The statement that MCD has “to eat 800 – 1200 calories a day”, but offering menus that don’t add up to 800 calories, is Kimmer’s way of covering her arse, now turned into chicken a’la King.
    If a person is paying for the menus and eating suggestions, then offering them menus that fall short of the “suggested” CYA is disgustingly obvious as to why it’s done. Then of course we know what the paying member is going to do….whatever the person who lost the weight did and that is the offered menus.
    Regardless, of whether Kimmer or any previous or current Kimkins.com staff are connected to the MCD, this website is a business and should stand up to scrutiny.

  6. They both sound bad – nutritionally poor and charging a lot of money to people desperate to lose weight. MCD clients are likely to end up feeling like the people on the Kimkins Diet Survivors blog.

    Great post!
    Resolve not to get ripped off by scams like Kimkins!
    Kimorexia Blog

  7. Boycot Kimkins in 2008!! Wanna know why? Go here to start and then read all the blogs:


  8. Eggsactly. Remember, where there’s chickens, there’s chicken poo … and it’s slippery, so watch out 😉

  9. Whatever you call it, it’s still a VLCD with no medical supervision. It’s not magic and results could be tragic. Decide you will change your way of eating over the long run and eat richly satisfying food on a diet like Atkins. Don’t put your health in jeopardy with a diet like Kimkins.

  10. me thinks they are the same!! KUTGW Honey…you are a wealth of information both here and on LCF…we love ya!!

  11. Honeybee, thanks for your view on the MCD. The whole thing smells fishy (chickeny?) to me. I just know there is much more to this story. Too many people crying Fowl? LOL
    But, I’m sure the Ducks will get to the bottom of it.
    KUTGW -All of you !!!

  12. What Barbara B said.

    And MJR the only thing that smells fishier than this diet is the people who are defending it even though they know it’s vlcd. WHY are they defending it?

  13. Mariasol is reviewing the menu of the MCD diet on her blog-Mariasol’s blog and I agree that the diet would get the thumbs down in normal circumstances just based on its very low calories. But then when you add some, at the very least -suspicious resemblances to Kimkins.com, you have more than a few concerns rolled into this magic act! One never knows what Kimmer could have up her sleeve.

  14. wow one never knows what will turn up in the battle with Kimkins.com and Kimmer.

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