Where there is smoke there is fire…Especially, when it comes from Kimkins

Tippy has posted that she does in fact have a website called campcarbaway(dot)com and she is excepting members. The odd thing is she didn’t mention her partners in this. Hmmmmm……………… Is Kimkins.com
a distance memory or is it a new domain? Will Kimkins
come forward with any input?
But here is what TT did say-

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Is There Another New Website?

“There is another new website and it is not the Magic Chicken diet site either. It is a site set up with the intent of providing a home to Kimkins members who may find a need for a new home soon. The site is also open for all dieters and plans. This site does belong to me and is not affiliated or linked with Kimkins site in any way.

If you would like to join this site you must first register and then be approved. Email me at baitingerjeannie@yahoo.com and let me know what user name you chose and who you are.


Peace to all and happy holidays”


7 Responses

  1. I still see Heidi lurking in the background , see the one with the sugar cookies over by the campfire?
    You know, you’d think they’d learn how to start a real fire instead of just using a sterno can, sheesh!

  2. Tippy could make smores out of those sugar cookies. Just layer on some high-fat fudge and some sugar free marshmallows from netrition.

  3. I am glad that you ladies have taken it upon yourselves to smear the scammers at “Kimkins.” However, your persistence has come to the point of annoyance. I would like to know how many of you have tried other diets in the past and failed.
    Maybe by complaining about “Kimbins” and their numerous sites is making you loose pounds. Perhaps a few laps in the pool or a nice walk in the park would prove fruitful and maybe a donation to your local food bank while you are about you activities.
    I have spent a greater part of my live fighting against scams and still do and I am a strong advocate of the freedom which the net provides; however, let’s get on with it people! There are so many other issues which deserve attention besides a phoney diet that you all seemed to have invested in and failed.
    Your efforts could surely be appreciated elsewhere, let’s talk about real things, you do not seem to realize that your talking about “sugar cookies over by the campfire” has had its fifteen minutes of fame.


  4. How odd to imply that anyone can “smear” a “scammer”. A scammer doesn’t need assistance in smearing their character, but they do need to be exposed.
    Since the website is still functioning and refunds to members who were defrauded has not been provided, then our efforts are still needed.
    In fact, as I stated in this blog the former PR director just recently started another website, so looks like we get another 15 minutes added to the clock.

  5. Honeybee,

    Take another fifteen minutes and congrads on your efforts. It is no fun to get scammed and I agree that these low lives should be exposed. As for getting a refund, well, try to ask a thieve to return your wallet with all your cash and credit cards. Keep up the god work and cheers.


  6. Many thanks Gariell for stopping by the blog. You are correct that asking a thief for one’s money back seems futile at times, like trying to swim up stream, but some of the salmon do make it to their destination.
    In our case the final destination will be in a California court house and the person doing the asking will be attorney John Tiedt, a consumer fraud attorney based in Riverside, CA.
    The same attorney who was involved in the Ephedrine litigation that resulted in ephedrine being removed from the market here in the states.
    Speaking of which, this is the perfect time for me to let readers know that they can still join the lawsuit if they paid for a membership to Kimkins.com prior to November 1st, 2007.
    Details on how to join the lawsuit are found here http://kimkinslawsuit.wordpress.com/category/kimkins-lawsuit/
    Thanks again for the comments and your fight against fraud.
    Help us spread the word by linking us to your blog and we will be happy to add you to our blogroll as well.

  7. Honeybee,

    Your efforts are heart felt and demand nothing less than the greatest respect . As for my blog well certainly you are on the roll. It would be a pleasure to be on yours, but I am only one of many. Our sites are on a continuous cat and mouse fight against spam and scams sometimes we come across sites some places that merit a little ribbing. However, mistakes are made and apologies are forth coming.
    We will take Kimkins for a for a long ride.


    edited-notified author

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