Does Tippy Toes Have a New Website now that she has “left” Kimkins?

Does Tippy Toes have a new home now that she has “left” kimkins?
She is not welcomed over at Amy’s website (Eatinglow), not allowed at LCF, so has she found a new place to make friends?
Well, yes she does!…………………..

Kimkins Diet
HoneyBee’s Blog
I Am Not Ready To Make Nice with Kimkins


4 Responses

  1. Interesting! Thank you for keeping us up to date on the latest Kimkins spinoff.

  2. Great blog, HB! Thanks for keeping us posted on the latest Kimkins scam.

  3. You know HoneyBee for all the time you spend worrying about Heidi and TT I would think your family could use some attention.

    It is so sad how much time you spend day after day on this. Your poor family! I really hope your taking care of your kids.

    All they will remember is the back of your head.

  4. Holy Toledo,…..Ohio that is… how did I miss these words of wisdom? (emphasis mine)
    Quote-Your poor family! I really hope your taking care of your kids. All they will remember is the back of your head.

    The concern is truly touching, but to ease your woes on this subject, let me clarify how I connect to the net. I sit with my back up against the wall with my laptop in my….well, my lap, hence the name of the device. So my family gets to see my smiling face as each piece of information is used to help the pending class action lawsuit against Kimmer and
    I could really be an obese, bald headed lady, who is single with only imaginary foster kids. But that would sound crazy, so I go with my first explanation.

    Now Kelly here is a bit of advice for you, or really it is a tip regarding the use of the word your and you’re. Yes, they are pronounced the same, but in the text world they are not interchangeable in their spelling.
    You’re is a contraction of you are- for example- I hope you’re taking care of your kids- while your is a possessive determiner used in phrases such as- your turn.

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