-KTLA does Kimkins report #3 and spills the beans on the class action lawsuit-

KTLA did its third installment on the kimkins saga and even discussed the pending class action lawsuit!

View the link here for the video-http://video.ktla.com/global/video/WorldNowASX.asp?playerType=native&os=mac&clipid1=1851883&at1=News&vt1=v&h1=10%2F18+%2D+Ktla+Exposes+%27Kimkins%27+Diet+Scammer&d1=150367&redirUrl=http://www.ktla.com&activePane=info&LaunchPageAdTag=homepage&playerVersion=7

Chip stated that the “KTLA viewers” found the Russian Brides and I find that a disappointment for a couple of reasons:

1) Many LCF members spent countless hours searching the sites and pulling together the information. I may have found only 4 or was it 5 pics….too many pics to recall, but anyway, I still spent many hours searching and keeping the blog updated on LCF. This is not to say I did more than others only an example, because I know many of the peeps there searched daily. So Chip a little let down there, but we will let you slide because you did break the story for others to hear about the Kimkins scam and that will help bring the harm and crimes done by Kimmer/Kimkins to light.

2) I think a really great opportunity was missed because wouldn’t it have been great if Chip would have said, “The breaking news tonight in the Kimkins report is “the BuzzyBee” at LCF found “the Kimmer” in the red dress on the Behappy2day website!” I mean how many times in journalism would one get to say that phrase?!?! 🙂 It is almost like talking in some spy code during WorldWarII.

I want to take a moment to say thank you to all the members at LCF that helped the effort in various ways. WE are still searching for a few more and hope to find “patio chair Kimmer”. I also want to thank LCF and Tom for allowing us to discuss this issue on the boards or we NEVER would have been able to pool all our efforts. They even downloaded the blog software so I could start a blog there to keep everyone up to date and to keep it organized and that is appreciated. THANK YOU!

Tomorrow- Should you call me Dr. HoneyBee?


3 Responses

  1. great job HONEYBEE organizing the search efforts and coordinating all the pics found and sites searched.

  2. Thanks so much 2b4mysize and thank you for all your efforts in searching through all the Russian bride and dating sites! I have to say I wouldn’t have believed all that has been uncovered about Kimmer/Kimkins if I hadn’t seen it all first hand. Life is stranger than fiction!

  3. There are many independent investigation agencies. “Detective Agency of CIS” http://www.rusdetective.com does the best job for the reasonable price.

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