The Fascination with Kimmer Continues

The Weekend Recap of the Fascination Thread  

Friday we got all our smilies out but no NEW news came, it appears it was done just as a way to fool Heidi and her gang.

Saturday was filled with those members who were disappointed in the thread.

It seems that some thought we have been fat-bashing, misquoting and much to do about nothing over the loss of hair to our head.

  It appears that the purpose of our posts got deluded in the length of thread
But lest anyone forgets we are trying to stop Kimkins before someone ends up dead.

We all don’t agree but it was discussed and talked about
I think we all made our points without having to shout.

New ex-kimkins appeared to post and some said they felt lost with no where to go
Then stayed around a bit and found that we are friends here not foe.

Sunday was quiet as the bloggers The TRUTH and Ducky laid low
Melt got promoted to Admin….”Oh say it ain’t so”

Then before she could slap a kitten or even kick the dog
Melt was gone…poof….vanished…. into the San Fran Fog.

Kimmer and TT took the weekend off so the banning of members has slowed down.
But now it appears that some previous members have been erased off KK in order never to be found.

New avi’s that are pawns with the word banned started to appear
However the Ducks and Wonder Woman’s arch nemesis the Negative Nancies
are still on task so don’t you fear!

Please don’t forget to sign the petition, sign-up for the lawsuit or do a BBB review
Because remember everyone in order to stop Kimkins we are counting on you!

Sign the petition
Request for Kimkins Investigation Petition
This petition goes to the Federal Trade Commission, Better Business Bureau, and the California Attorney General.


Kimkinslawsuit’s Weblog

IRS tax fraud
To make a report to the IRS that Heidi Diaz may be committing tax fraud-
How Do You Report Suspected Tax Fraud Activity?

To do a review at the Better Business Bureau
Company Report



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