Have You Seen the Lady In Red????

 The Infamous Red Dress Kimmer is GONE??

Has anyone taken a stroll over to the Kimkins homepage recently? The Kimmer in her Red Dress is no longer holding its place of prominence in the center of the page.

What happened Kimmer? Why the missing photo? Remember you said the PI pics were of Heidi Diaz who isn’t you, but your business partner…..pfft….Sorry I can’t even type the words without laughing!

What could be going on at the Kimpound? Reads like a cleaning up before company comes.
If company is the FTC!! Good luck with sweeping all those cache files under the rug Kimmer!

You sold me, a Consumer, your Kimkins plan based on your story and image.  So to erase it now does not erase the damage it did it only insults my intelligence and furthers the opinion that you never plan on taking responsibility for your fraud.

Well, not until the FTC makes you. :: she says with glee….yes glee::

For those of you who think to be gleeful of this point is cruel let me point out that Kimmer WILL NOT stop until this happens. So yes glee because I want her to be stopped before someone dies.

All I can say is screen shots and google cache file will never let you hide the “Lady in Red” and unless you can get into that size 4 red dress then the Lady in Red is a Fraud!


kimkins homepage screen shot


3 Responses

  1. Unbelievable. The Three women she touts all have negative things to say about Kimkins–Christin, Mary, and Deni. And two of them actively have blogged about the dangers of the diet. But Heidi has no ethics, so why not keep pushing these as success stories?

    Yeah, to remove the prime reason people joined–Kimmer’s grand claim to 198 pound loss fame–says something very loudly, methinks.

    The Princess

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  3. great job finding the brides. your hard work is making a difference

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